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Red​ Wing Blackbird

  Family: Black Birds and Orioles Habitat:  Breeds in marshes, brushy swamps, hayfields; forages also in cultivated land and along edges of water. Breeds most commonly in freshwater marsh, but also in wooded or brushy swamps, rank weedy fields, hayfields, upper edges of the salt marsh. Often forages in other open habitats, such as fields and mudflats; outside the breeding season, flocks gather in farm fields, and  pastures The Red […]

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Wyoming Griz Hunt on.

“Typical Wyoming…operates on testosterone and placates to those who run the political show. Very sad for the Grizzlies.” “This is a very sad day for grizzly bears in the Yellowstone region.” – Bonnie Rice of the Sierra Club The state Game and Fish Commission unanimously approved a controversial Wyoming grizzly hunt for the first time since 1975, as 22 bears could be killed under the plan approved today. The Wyoming grizzly hunt could affect up […]

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