The Jackson Diner

The Best Of The Tetons

To Bee

‘Tis dawn as the warmth of the sun embraces every being on earth;
As high up on the branches of the butter fruit tree –
there thrives a golden hive,
That’s camouflaged amongst the green fruits and the thicket of leaves.
The warmth of the sun’s splendor spreads into the hive -into every cell and chamber,
As the hive glows and sparkles in strange hues of golden light and amber.
Like the first fruit to ripen fast into a deep golden yellow;
drippin a stray dropp of honey onto the ground –
leaving them ants drunk and mellow.
For years, the hive has grown, and is shaping into a large heart,
as it sways on softly to the breeze–This ain’t the dance
– as the real one of the forest is ours and is about to start.

I don’t remember, when our hive was born –
‘twas was spoken to be the biggest ever to form;
Our elders taught us all before our first ever flight;
And we inherited their lives and ways as we were told-
That we’re designed and destined to protect the habitat.
For each day for us is consistently inconsistent
As the hive was always abuzz
with new births, deaths, cleaning and feeding chores;
We are out of our chambers and already at work – ‘Twas part of our being;
One life resonating in hundreds of others like me;
One tone and sound –that brings life to this jungle around;
I’m proud to be in my world within a world
like nowhere you’ve seen.
In all, the whole hive in itself,
is just one large being.

Mystic Indian_MG_1014


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2 replies

  1. The words, the message, the photo…all so very beautiful. Thank you. 🙂


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