The Jackson Diner

Spring In The Tetons

Snow King Mountain

Snow King, the town hill during summer, is replacing the Rafferty Lift ,you can see the construction on the left.

Snow King Mountain Resort is a ski area and summertime activity center in Jackson, Wyoming. “The King” is Jackson’s original ski hill, founded in 1939 and located on the southeast edge of town. It was the first ski area in the state of Wyoming. Locals sometimes refer to Snow King as “The Town Hill.”
Neil Rafferty, who came to Jackson in 1930 and was one of the town’s early ski promoters, was instrumental in developing and running the ski area at Snow King for 35 years, earning the moniker “Father of Snow King.”His first few years of skiing involved hiking up to Old Man’s Flats and skiing down. However, in 1939 he competed for and won a contract with the Jackson Hole Club, an early chamber of commerce, to build an “uphill” facility on Snow King. In exchange for building the cable tow, he was given a lease on the town land. He secured a permit from the Forest Service to run the lift, and a new ski era in Jackson began. The cable, bought used from an oil drilling company in Casper, Wyoming, ran through a narrow cut in the forest up the west side of the ski area. It was powered by an old Ford tractor.
Tandem flights off of Snow King Mountain are available from JH Paragliding for $195. An instructor will ride with you on the Summit chair and then strap you against them with a few running steps you are airborne, seated in a comfortable chair harness, free to enjoy the awesome scenery and refreshing mountain air. The best views of the valley, period. All Jackson Hole Paragliding Tandem Instructors are experienced mountain pilots with excellent safety records..

Snow King Mountain


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