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Poisonous mushrooms: WARNING!

Let’s say you decide to walk in the woods and pick mushrooms that you will find in your path, you will know to recognize what are the poisonous mushrooms? If you already know answer, great! If not, here’s a handy guide. Good harvesting!

Amanita muscaria redThe Amanita muscaria, one of the finest existing fungi, lives in the woods of conifers and deciduous trees during the summer and early autumn. The cap of this mushroom is a deep red color and is decorated with white scales that stand in the one color background. This mushroom is toxic, due to the muscarine, which acts on the nervous system causing various changes in some organs of the human body, such as the alteration of the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, dilation of the pupils, hallucinations, but also were delirium and more or less serious gastrointestinal disorders depending on the amount of muscarine ingested.


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