The Jackson Diner

Spring In The Tetons


Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I leave my dog curled up in bed,

I say goodnight and stroke her head.

The bed she’s carried to the hall

To guard my door (and guard her ball)

So all night long, I’ll know she’s there

And I can sleep without a care.

All sweet and good, I hear you say,

But when I rise at break of day

There is no Ani in her bed

She’s in the living room instead.

No longer does she guard my door…

My sofa cushions, on the floor,

All rearranged and neatly placed

With elegantly chosen taste,

Are now a nest for canine dreams

Where she can hatch her cunning schemes.

And every morning, it’s the same,

Perhaps it is some kind of game?

“Oh no, dear writer”, says the dog,

“I guard the garden from the fog,

From foxes, mice and other things

And guard the little bird that brings

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