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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMormon Row is a line of homestead complexes along the Jackson-Moran Road near the southeast corner of Grand Teton National Park, in the valley called Jackson Hole. The rural historic landscape’s period of significance includes the construction of the Andy Chambers, T.A. Moulton, and John Moulton farms from 1908 to the 1950s. Six building clusters and a separate ruin illustrate Mormon settlement in the area and comprise such features as drainage systems, barns, fields, and corrals. Apart from John and T.A. Moulton, other settlers in the area were Joseph Eggleston, Albert Gunther, Henry May, Thomas Murphy and George Riniker.




This cabin sits alongside the Snake River at Menor’s Ferry.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Menor’s Ferry was a river ferry that crossed the Snake River near the present-day Moose, Wyoming, United States. The site was homesteaded by Bill Menor in 1892-94, choosing a location where the river flowed in a single channel, rather than the braided stream that characterizes its course in most of Jackson Hole. During the 1890s it was the only homestead west of the river. Menor’s homestead included a five-room cabin, a barn, a store, sheds and an icehouse on 148 acres, irrigated by a ditch from Cottonwood Creek and at times supplemented by water raised from the Snake River by a waterwheel. Menor operated the ferry until 1918, selling to Maude Noble, who continued operations until 1927 when a bridge was built at Moose.




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