About Broccoli

At least one president of these United States detests it. Others stir fry it, mix it with beef (which I don’t eat), smother it with cheese, or otherwise devour it.
It’s green but will never replace lettuce in a BLT or complement a lawn. When I was a child I enjoyed childish things which included peanut butter but not broccoli. Before the age of nine, many of us shared this trait with President Bush. Later in life, we have an epiphany and appreciate that vegetable. Broccoli more than any other vegetable is funny this way.
Another funny thing to do with broccoli is to use a stem of it to nudge things. I’m going to use a stem to nudge this blog into the universe of food blogs. I will explore foods, places to eat, and investigate recipes from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean and beyond.

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