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Marsh Wren

Flat Creek

FLY FISHING FLAT CREEK  Jack Dennis Fishing Trips Only two miles north of Jackson, lying in the heart of the National Elk Refuge, flows Wyomings first fly fishing only stream, Flat Creek. It is a place so close to home that after a long day at work I can rush to gather my gear and be on the stream just moments later in pursuit of wary cutthroat. This is not […]

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Yellow Headed Blackbird

Males are striking black birds with yellow heads and chests, and black bodies with prominent white patches at the bend of the wing. Females and immatures are brown instead of black, with duller yellow heads. Immature males show some white at the bend of the wing, while females don’t.Yellow-headed Blackbirds breed and roost in freshwater wetlands with dense, emergent vegetation such as cattails.

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