The Jackson Diner

The Best Of The Tetons




George and his Mum give me the eye as I interrupt their lunch in the Willows. I was across the Creek, but still not a safe distance. I didn’t hang around. Moose are very cantankerous.




The Moose In The Willows

The lady moon, a goddess bright,
With shoulders gleaming bare and white,
And stately head in rev’ry bowed,
Leans from her balcony of cloud
In the blue palace of the night.
Down peering from her queenly height,
She pours her soft, refulgent light
Upon a merry-making crowd–
The lady moon!
Andrew Downing

The Lady Moon

“The King”

  Snow King Mountain sits on Jackson’s southeast boundaries. By the early 1900s skiing was established as a way to get around the valley during the long winter months. As transportation improved, skiing changed from a necessity to winter recreation.The hill now known as Snow King offered an ideal location for skiing. It was conveniently located right in town, and its lower slopes were sparsely forested due to a forest […]

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