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Happy New Year!

Bighorn Sheep

  Bighorns inhabit a vast range, from the Rocky Mountains in Canada down to the deserts of the American Southwest. They are relatives of goats and have balance-aiding split hooves and rough hoof bottoms for natural grip. These attributes, along with keen vision, help them move easily about rocky, rugged mountain terrain.     These pictures were taken with my iphone-xs

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Western Tanager

The male Western Tanager has stunning breeding plumage. He feeds mainly on insects, bees, wasps,and grasshoppers. Formerly placed in the tanager family, it and other members of its genus are now classified in the cardinal family. A western counterpart to the Scarlet Tanager, this species occurs in summer farther north than any other tanager — far up into northwestern Canada. Western Tanagers nest in coniferous forests of the north and […]

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